Download your "No plan" meal kit!

No plan meals save you money and keep it simple without sacrificing home cooking on busy days.

No more trying to go big or go home with dinner. You don’t need to give yourself that burden! Instead, try make dinner something fast and easy that your kids love! 

Where should we send your No-Plan Meals kit?

What this printable kit gives you:

  • Ten "No plan" meals you can have on the table in minutes
  • Ten 15 minute family dinner recipes
  • Pantry staple grocery list so you know you have ingredients for your no plan meals on hand!

Let us know where to send your no plans meal kit and instructions below:

Hi, I'm Elise! Being a mom keeps you busy! That's why I'm so passionate about organizing and streamlining homemaking tasks, and teaching you to do that same - so we can both be more relaxed and spend time on the things that really last.

I've put my financial and nutrition background to work to develop tools to help my fellow moms and homemakers create a lifestyle they love and feel good about!