Are you tired of dinner time sucking your soul?

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Don't have another stressful dinner

Completely organizing your life in the kitchen has never been easier!


"My menu planning habit is now something I enjoy thanks to you alone. Making a binder and printing out recipes has been the missing key. Thanks so much! My family also thanks you because by menu planning I have expanded my recipes and am excited to try new ones each week. They are enjoying the variety!" -Gloria F.-

This is more than just a binder...

  • It's a framework for painless meal time
  • Eleminates "dinner hour frustration"
  • Removes day-to-day decision fatigue
  • Helps you find meals your kids will love
  • Takes you from stressed out mess, to the happy, healthy mama you want your kids to see


Put yourself in charge  

With your planning checklist, and brainstorming sheets you'll never find yourself in the grocery store without a plan.

Make it seamless

Your weekly meal plannin template and grocery list will keep you organized and make the journey from grocery store to dinner table simple and seamless. 

18 Pages keeps it simple and effective: 

  • 7 recipe binder dividers 
  •  inventory and grocery store pricing sheets
  • An index of 155 recipes to get you started
  • A system for both weekly and monthly meal planning

This meal planning binder is the key for taking charge of your homemaking.

A peek inside: 

"I meal plan once a month, and compile all the recipes in the binder that stays on the counter, so that way I know what we're supposed to have for the month. It takes me about an hour, and it's so worth it!" -Angie-

Be the mom in charge

Stay on top of the hustle of motherhood by saying goodbye to stress

Do the work once, reap the benefits for years.