Are you ready for meal planning that doesn't stress you out?

The Print-At-Home Meal Planning Binder

More than a simple binder, this meal planning system helps you take charge of your homemaking and eleminate stress. 

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"My menu planning habit is now something I enjoy thanks to you alone. Making a binder and printing out recipes has been the missing key. Thanks so much! My family also thanks you because by menu planning I have expanded my recipes and am excited to try new ones each week. They are enjoying the variety!" -Gloria F.-

This is more than just a binder...

  • It's a framework for painless meal time
  • Eliminates "dinner hour frustration"
  • Removes day-to-day decision fatigue
  • Helps you find meals your kids will love
  • Takes you from stressed out mess, to the happy, healthy mama you want your kids to see


Put yourself in charge  

With your planning checklist, and brainstorming sheets you'll never find yourself in the grocery store without a plan.

Make it seamless

Your weekly meal planning template and grocery list will keep you organized and make the journey from grocery store to dinner table simple and seamless. 

18 Pages keeps it simple and effective: 

  • 7 recipe binder dividers 
  •  inventory and grocery store pricing sheets
  • An index of 155 recipes to get you started
  • A system for both weekly and monthly meal planning
I'm Ready To End The Stress!

This meal planning binder is the key for taking charge of your homemaking.

A peek inside: 

"I meal plan once a month, and compile all the recipes in the binder that stays on the counter, so that way I know what we're supposed to have for the month. It takes me about an hour, and it's so worth it!" -Angie-

How Does the Meal Planning Binder Work? 

With the 18 printable meal planning binder pages work synnergystically together so you can: 

  • Brainstorm meal ideas - jot it down when you think of it!
  • Organize those ideas into a monthly template of dinners you know your family loved
  • Use that monthly template to create 10 minute weekly meal plans
  • Keep an inventory of your pantry and freezer to help make a logical meal plan and shopping list
  • Make an accurate grocery list
  • Keep a chart of grocery store prices to save money

Plus cheat sheets:  

  • Action list (with room to customize) so you don't forget a step
  • Theme night ideas to help you get past mental blocks
  • Binder spine and cover template so your binder looks pretty from every angle
  • Category sheets to organize the recipes you use and streamline your cooking process!  



Limited Time bonus! 

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When you purchase Through August 5th, you recieve free access to my e-Course Kitchen Confidence that will teach you the synergy or simple meal planning, and paying rock-bottom prices for your groceries! 

This course will complement your Meal Planning Binder to teach you:

  • How to make 10 minute weekly meal plans
  • How to always pay below full price for groceries including tips on shopping, and even couponing
  • And entire section on "unconventional" savings methods that might just be a game changer
  • How to feed your family what they want to eat
  • How to spend less time thinking about food
  • How to implement a monthly meal plan rotation to save time and money!

A Peek Inside:

My Story

I have been there. I remember living in our little starter home in Tennessee with a toddler on my hip and a baby on the way, peering into the refrigerator, hoping inspiration would jump out at me. Eventually, I just started peeling potatoes, because you can always make something with potatoes. Looking back I probably should have started by thawing meat. 

At some point, I realized, enough was enough. Putting meals on the table isn't such a small part of homemaking, and that kind of daily stress can really put a damper on living a life you love. 

If I want to love my life, I have to design it; take point - not just let it happen to me. 

It took much trial and error over a long period of time, but I finally learned meal planning ninja moves and put it all together into a simple binder that takes up a small space on my shelf, and holds a big key to my homemaking happiness. 

No more dinner time stress is an amazing thing. 

For the last 14 months, I've been making weekly meal plans for a small group of Real Food Meal Plans members, perfecting my craft, but I want to pass the power on to you so that you can be in charge of what's best for your family, and live happiest, most stress-free life you possibly can.