Kitchen Confidence Meal plan Training

Video One ~ "Brain Dump"

Having a reliable meal plan simplifies your life, and makes your job as a mom and keeper-of-the-budget infinitely easier. 

Today, we're going to talk about how to create the foundation for that reliable, rotating meal plan that will allow you to save money, and have a dinner plan at the tip of your finger tips every. single. night. 

Regardless of whether you've never formally meal planned, or if you're a pro at it, this is an easy step to implement toward a life well lived, and it's just the tip of the ice berg!

Don't forget to check back Friday, when I'll be talking about what to do with your big list of meals! (don't worry, I'll send an email reminder so you don't miss it!)

Video Two ~ Setting Your Meal plan Up

Hands-down the best way to simplify homemaking and keep you family happier is meal planning - and it also saves you money!

In this video, we're going to talk about the next bite-sized step in creating a meal plan that will serve you and your family, over and over again, with just a little tweaking from month to month.

Come back Monday to see the final video in this series, where we talk about how to use your meal plan to save Money every time you shop, on every grocery you buy. 

Video Three ~ How To Use Your Meal plan To Save Money

Today is super exciting! We're going to scratch the tip of the iceberg on using your new meal plan to save you money, and do the heavy lifting from month to month, so you don't have to. 

In this video, I also talk about our new course, Kitchen Confidence. This course is exciting, because it will help you save more money than you ever though possible on you groceries, and give you a solid system for rotating your meal plan every month.